Get your stolen notebook back!

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I recently mentioned Undercover for MacBooks that helps authorities locate your stolen notebook right under the thief"s nose.  PC-based notebook and Tablet PC owners can get the same piece of mind with a product offered by Absolute Software.  ComputraceComplete consists of software and a monitoring service that makes your notebook check in with the Absolute team once a day, or more often if you wish.  The "call home" to the Absolute Recovery Team is completely in the background and if made successfully you just keep using your notebook as usual.  If your notebook is stolen, and we hope that never happens, you call the Absolute Team and the next time the computer phones home, the recovery experts query the notebook for its current location.  This location determination works whether its connecting via dial-up, broadband or WiFi.  Absolute then informs local law enforcement of the actual location of your stolen goods.  Sort of like a LoJack for Laptops.

(via St. Paul Pioneer Press)


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Computrace Complete is LoJack for Laptops, just more robust. It’s an interesting product that I’ve been considering for our students, though for now we’ll let them buy it on their own. There is a definite use for data delete feature for devices that are used in hospitals and such. The software does software compliance tracking too… It’s pretty cool.

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