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Audio Interview: Jonathan Weber, Founder and EIC, NewWest

While everyone else keeps blabbering about it, Jonathan Weber, the former co-founder of The Industry Standard, and now founder of journalism-citizen media hybrid site NewWest, is actually doing it. And that amounts to something. His 14-month old venture has got critical acclaim, wons some awards, and is beginning to get traction on the business side. The site started with Montana and now cover the six-state region around it, with 11 sites. It has raised two rounds of funding till now.
I spoke to Weber at the Milken conference two weeks ago (he was on the same panel I was on at the conference), about the lesson he has learned since then, the editorial and business mix, and other issues.
Among the issues:
— It is harder than you think to expect citizens to contribute for free
— The citizen vs journalist conundrum
— Photography as a contribution tool/service works
— Raising funding for such sites
— The issue of scaling in citizen media
— The for-profit philanthropy journalism venture
— Local advertising and the categories which work and don’t work
— Not just online, diversify offline as well
mp3logo1.gif You can download the audio of the interview here (5 MB, 21 mins).
Or you can stream it here … click on the arrow: [audio:]