The point reviewers are missing about Ultra-mobile PCs

I have been posting this in comment threads on a number of websites so it made sense to post it here on jkOnTheRun once and for all:

Ultra-mobile PCs, and I use any small PC in this description and not necessarily just Origami/ UMPCs, are about opportunity and freedom of expression to me. Yesterday I was at my son’s baseball tournament, 3 games back to back spanning almost 8 hours. I took my Sony U71 with me in it’s little portfolio case and when 30 unexpected minutes between games (waiting for umps to show up) presented themselves I was able to pull the Sony out, check email, check my web site, and begin writing an article for jkOnTheRun. I did not lament the fact I didn’t have a keyboard with me, I reveled in the opportunity that having a PC I could carry to that venue allowed me to get some useful time out of what would otherwise have been wasted time.

Last week I was having lunch in a local restaurant and an idea for an article struck me while sitting there. I pulled out the Sony and pen and started fleshing out the structure for the article with ink when it became clear to me I needed to do some heavy writing while the ideas were floating fresh in my mind. I pulled out a portable wireless keyboard, and in 5 seconds was writing the actual article. In ten minutes I had captured the very essence of what I wanted to say in the piece, and only because I could carry the Sony in with me and actually use it in a location with limited space. That’s my freedom of expression that would NOT have happened had I used a laptop because it would have been left in my office.

This is what the current rash of reviewers are missing about the UMPC. It is about the mobility that provides opportunity to exercise the freedom of expression in places that would otherwise not occur.


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