Quicksilver Preferences Screen Updated

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Well, no sooner did I put out the Quicksilver Setup screencast and it’s outdated!

If you’re rockin the development releases (as I suggested in my screencast), then you’re primed and ready for the latest release of Quicksilver (3766). Mine downloaded in the background this morning, but I didn’t realize the big changes until Josh mentioned them to me just now.

The Preferences screen has been completely overhauled. It’s all fancy now – looks very much like a typical Apple preferences screen, if you ask me. Items are grouped differently, and generally easier to find. But of course it’s all in different places to what I’m used to, so I’ll have to – we’ll all have to, actually – re learn what and where everything is that we setup before.

So maybe – just maybe – I’ll redo the setup screencast with the new version, so there’s no confusion on the topic. Guess we’ll have to see how much my patience training has paid off…

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I tried to follow the previous setup, and found it tough to keep up (even with multiple pauses). IMO, the setup would be better published as a simple doc. I think video is better for showing the great things you can do with QS, but the vblog on the setup was not the most optimal format. Thanks for the work though, I look forward to more installments regardless.

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