Dell, and The Tech Hell

Paul Kedrosky’s evisceration of Dell (earnings report), and a hard hitting report from Cowen & Company tech strategist and a long time pal Arnie Berman made me thinking about all the disappointments that are cropping up all over the place.

Arnie, in his latest report Product Cycles Produce Less points out that the technology investors were feeling peckish because they thought new product cycles were going to boost the fortunes of many players.

The key categories responsible for this confidence: notebook PCs, flat panel televisions, wireless handsets, iPods and other mobile audio and video devices, Microsoft’s Vista operating system, next generation gaming platforms, and carrier spending on broadband projects and 3G infrastructure. Approaching the halfway mark of 2006, only wireless handsets has not experienced a setback — either in the form of a delay or a financial disappointment

Come on Arnie, why you be bubble-hater? He suggests good times will roll in 2007.


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