Crumpler bags- different style gadget bags hosted on the worst web site ever


The quest for the perfect gadget/ laptop bag is never ending and I just ran across some unique bags from an Australian company, Crumpler Bags.  There are all kinds of bags on this site if you can just find them.  The Crumpler site is one of the worst designed I’ve ever seen complete with loud obnoxious music so crank up your speakers, surf on over to Crumpler, and see how long it takes you to navigate through and find their products.  Whatever you do don’t hit the “Nerds” button.  This little beauty is the Soupansalad Son-O:

Crumpler soupansalad


Feral Boy

I own one of their bags — it’s large enough for a 17″ laptop — it carried my TC1100 for months (until the unit died) and now carries my Toshiba R15. The bag is rugged, full of pockets, stylish, etc. The best bag I’ve ever owned. Large Velcro closures make it possible to securely close the bag without resorting to its zippers and clasps (which I never use). Bought mine at the Sony Metreon in San Francisco.

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