ANYCOM BSH-100 Bluetooth headset review: The Gadgeteer

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Bsh100withmicBefore I rush out to cut the lawn, I just did a little surfing and found a solid review of the ANYCOM Blue Stereo BSH-100 Bluetooth stereo headset that lists for $119.99. I prefer a full over-the-ear headset for listening to tunes, especially while on the tractor since it helps drown outside noise a little. The Gadgeteer found the rechargeable, fold-able, behind-the-neck and over the ear BSH-100 surprisingly good. Since the headset supports the R2D2 A2DP profile, the audio quality of music is excellent, but here’s the real kicker: the BSH-100 has a mini USB port that accepts the included microphone! Sounds like a good performer both for audio enjoyment as well as cellular or Skype calls via Bluetooth! Read the full review here.


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Unfortunately I had a different experience with these headphones.

I found the behind the head orientation a little uncomfortable as the back would knock against the bottom of my neck if I even slightly looked upwards (ie. getting a glass out off the shelf while talking on skype). In addition the USB microphone did not fit secure into the unit and was loose to the point that I was afraid of it falling off (although it never did in the 2 weeks before I returned it). Overall I would rate the sound quality quite good although the range wasn’t anything spectacular (limitations of bluetooth).

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