Play your PSP on the big screen with NYKO’s adapter


NYKO PSPNYKO, maker of accessories for the PSP, have started shipping the Play on TV Adaptor for PSP that was first shown at the CES in Las Vegas earlier this year.  The adapter snaps over the PSP screen and connects to the TV using RCA cables and through a patented CCD sensor that is tuned to the small PSP screen sends the image to any TV.  Looks clumsy but if the image quality is good it might be worth the $79.99 at GameStop.


  • Snap-on design allows you to watch UMD movies and play PSP games on TV without modifying the PSP
  • High quality CCD sensor and lens combination ‘tuned’ to the PSP screen
  • The only Patented PSP to TV technology
  • Stereo audio output directly from the PSP to the TV
  • Includes RCA cables for connecting to standard video-in jack on your TV
  • Plug and Play – does not require user tuning, tweaking or adjustments
  • Auto white balance, auto contrast and auto brightness
  • Easily access UMD slot while the unit is attached
  • Charge your PSP while you play




This might be the only *patented* PSP to TV option available, but there are at least two others which appear to use the exact same technology this does, being the Blaze adapter and the PSPonTV adapter. Both cost less than this does, though I have yet to see a review which would say which product does the best job.
Quite frankly, I’m surprised and disappointed that Sony has never come out with an easy method of outputting PSP video to a television screen, but if I find that any of the third party products do a decent job of it, I might end up buying one.
For now, I wait for a comprehensive review.


I have a competing product imported from Japan. If you don’t have a widescreen display don’t even bother because it will just look too small.

The quality is comparable to an Ipod (with video) but the size just isn’t worth it on a standard 4:3 screen.

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