New York Times reviews the Samsung Q1

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Nothing surprising in this NYT review of the Samsung Q1– too expensive, too big (or small), no keyboard, clumsy interface, in essence a solution with no problem to resolve.  My favorite quote from the review:

Does the Ultra Mobile PC exist because a touch screen might be useful in niche industries like insurance investigations and package delivery? Maybe. But the speed and flexibility of a Tablet PC would make much more sense — and cost hundreds of dollars less.

He’s right– there are many Tablet PCs available for hundreds of dollars less than the $1099 Q1.  Yeah, right.

I will state one thing about the Q1- the lack of dedicated mouse keys will kill this device.  The manual calisthenics you have to go through to use regular mouse buttons will grow old very quickly.  The UMPCs that put left and right mouse buttons on the front of the device will be a joy to use but the Q1 sounds like a real pain.  Disclaimer- I have not used a Q1 personally.


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Sounds like they’re all playing from the same script. Repeat something often enough, and people will start to think it’s true.

Of course, on the flip side there’s this: “The whole world may be wrong, but I’m right.”

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