MuniFi No Woes!

My previous post on MuniFi woes resulted in a torrent of private email from many folks in the “business.” Actually most reminded me of the point I was trying to make – its about how the network is designed and architect and not about WiFi, the technology.

Someone emailed me a nice PDF of which shows that the St. Cloud, Florida situation is not bad. In fact is quite the opposite. For instance, nearly 40% of the city, or about 4,072 households have signed up for the city wide wireless service, and nearly spent 257,000 total (usage) hours on the network. The highest number of simultaneous users at any given time topped out at 660.

In addition, the areas which have spotty coverage are technically part of the larger county, and not the St. Cloud community which has paid for the network. Meanwhile, sources (including those inside) Google have told me that this increased access point deployment is to get wifi coverage to non laptop devices such as handhelds, Nintendo DS and Sony PSP.

I will be following up, but not for next couple of days. I am out of pocket – taking a much needed break from blogging, technology and what not. I will be in New York over the weekend, and am open for a meet-up on Saturday around 3 pm. Drop me a note. Somewhere close to the Union Square!


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