Multiplicity KVM software boosts productivity


Now that the New York Times realizes the value of a second monitor, we might as well give them this tip too. Multiplicity is a software-based KVM that allows you to control multiple computers with a single keyboard and mouse. Other similar solutions exist, like Ultramon, MaxiVista and Synergy, but Multiplicity looks the most simple to set up. From the looks of it, configuration is a short process that Multiplicity "wizards" you through. There’s a free trial available, but the software will set you back either $39.95 or $69.95, depending on which version best suits your needs.

A full list of features follows.


  • Clip and PasteShare your clipboard contents among your master and slave computers, including images!
  • File and Directory Copying – Easily move files, or entire directories between computers! (Pro Version)
  • Hotkey Support – Multiplicity supports fast switching to the connected computers via configurable hotkeys and mouse buttons!
  • Fade/Darken IndicatorMultiplicity can fade or darken the non-focus computers, to further enhance navigation speed.
  • Onscreen DisplayMultiplicity can be configured to display an onscreen indicator of your current location.
  • Locking – Support for locking your mouse to a specific desktop (configurable).
  • Security – Full password protection, and domain control internally.
  • Threshold Option – Full support for threshold control of mouse movement between machines.
  • Alternative Control Methods – Multiplicity supports various control methods, such as Jog Dials, and Spatial Controllers!
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