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MSFT: AdCenter Launches In U.S.; Will Spend $1.1 Billion On MSN

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told the 700 ad execs gathered for the Strategic Account Summitt that the company would spend $1.1 billion — nearly what it spent in 2005 and 2006 combined — on MSN during the 2007 fiscal year. “We will invest as much on this online opportunity in R&D as any of the other big players in the market,” he said, according to the Seattle P-I’s Todd Bishop.
— Ad Center will expand from text ads to contextual advertising within MSN pages and services; a summer pilot is planned.
— Bishop also picked this up from Joanne Bradford: “I feel like the Google, Yahoo, Microsoft thing is the Nick and Jessica of the business press.”
— A limited UK launch is slated for June.
— The name is changing to Microsoft adCenter — bye, bye, butterfly — although MSN adCenter is still being used in some places on the company’s site. calls the name change “curious.” Agreed. The only thing more confusing than the French DRM proposal is the Microsoft naming process.
Update: Coverage continues to roll in.