Microsoft’s Big Mobile Push: To Provide OS To Qualcomm Smartphones

Information Week: Now Microsoft Windows operating system will be available on Qualcomm smartphones. The companies have inked a deal to that effect. It’s a big leg up for Microsoft (mobile OS market share 13%) which is way behind other OS like Symbian (54%) and Linux (23.5%). According to analysts, the deal has implications for the mobile content sector too.
Unstrung reports, quoting Shoreline Research analyst Tim Scannell, that the deal is synergistic with both companies’ ambitions in the mobile content field. “Qualcomm, as you may recall, has plans to launch a mobile media broadcast network that will be based on satellite technology rather than traditional cellular. The Qualcomm approach provides a bigger bandwidth and possibility for channels, and is closer to the cable television model of broadcasting. The thinking is that mobile broadcasting will quickly become an accepted medium… something that Hollywood has quickly latched onto as it re-purposes and re-channels TV content.”

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