Look no further than abletfactory for tools for your Origami and Tablet PC


Tn_FoodCalcDiary2abletFactory has long been the place to look for Tablet PC utilities and since the announcement of the Origami they have been optimizing some of their applications for the smaller screen.  abletFoodCalc is an Origami enhanced application that is a nutritional calculator for tracking your diet using a database of over 65,000 food item.  The program is fully ink enabled and makes it a snap to track your daily food intake for reaching your diet goals.  There is a video of abletFoodCalc in action here.  Note that abletFoodCalc works on full Tablet PCs, too.  $69.

Take a look at other abletFactory programs after the jump.


Another Origami enhanced application for medical students, interns or residents is abletMediTools.  This program is a full medical reference and includes a Medical Calculator with over 20 different calculations.  Over 20,000 of the most commonly found abbreviations and acronyms are searchable in a flash.  $69.

Special Interest Dictionaries (SPIDs) are used to improve the handwriting recognition accuracy by providing special dictionaries pre-built for the customer.  There are dictionaries for specific interest areas such as medical, legal, biology, and chemistry (among others), as well as dictionaries for various languages.  They offer Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, and Swedish dictionaries.  Each dictionary is $49 and you will find a complete list of the ones available on the abletFactory web site

The abletDictionaryMgr is an easy to use utility for adding, deleting and editing words to the Tablet OS dictionary.  The proper use of this tool can increase your handwriting recognition accuracy substantially.  $100.

These are by no means the entire program library available from abletFactory and I recommend you visit their site and see the other offerings.  They have a full-fledged medical EMR program that is one of the best in the business, and fully ink enabled to boot.

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