YouTube: Let The Backlash Begin


The louder the raving the more inevitable the ranting … nothing disappoints like the failure of potential or a sense — perceived or real — that something good has gone awry. Now it’s YouTube‘s turn with complaints ranging from problems with large archives to the ways copyright warnings are handled and accounts banned.
One example from early advocate Miel Van Opstal: “I’m not going to upload anything anymore. The people I used to know on YouTube got banned, saw their accounts set to zero or just left by themselves. No matter how hard they try, YouTube isn’t the attractive videohoster it used to be. It became too corporate, too yadda yadda and far too bloathed with options, groups and whatever.”
Of course, a few comments doen’t mean YouTube is in deep trouble with users but worth keeping in mind alongside the hype. It’s also the flip side of the problems YouTube faces with media companies concerned about copyright protection — the reaction of users affected by the way policy is (or isn’t) implemented.

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