World’s smallest PC- the Space Cube


Space_cubeThe Space Cube from Shimafuji in Japan may not be very functional but it’s so cool I had to mention it.  Measuring a mere 2 x 2 x 2.2 inches and running Atom Linus, the Space Cube is certainly the smallest PC I’ve ever seen.  Judging from the photo of the tiny PC there is a serial port, USB, ethernet, mic jack, audio out, and some LEDs on the tiny cube.  It packs a 300 MHz CPU and 64 MB of SDRAM so it is a real computer.  I think.  I can see it now– “where did I put my PC?”

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Jon Pratt ( )

I contacted the maker of the Space Cube, A company called Shamafuji a company of about 14 people who developed the Space Cube. Their web site is and it’s in Japanese, so you should have translator in your web browser to view their site.

I sent them an e-mail which i retrieved from their site e-mail addr. ( ). I inquired about purchasing 5 or so space cubes for myself. The next day, i received a response from Hiroki Kamata, an employee or worker for the company who said they have never sold it abroad (the space cube) – But they are discussing it, and i was told that “Star-Dendee” is to sell this item abroad (To the US.) He provided me with a URL:

Check with the web site. The space cube currently is slightly over 300 Japanese, or Euro dollars, (according to Shamafuji web site) I was unable to determine from the web site exactly if it was Japanese or euro they were referring to, but the figure they gave me was just over “300”

We’re all looking forward to owning one of these sweet little puppies!

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