Smarter Crash Reports

It’s late, I’m moving files around from my G5 to my new Mini with the greatest of ease. Oh, and moving files for me isn’t a couple of Word documents and some pictu… I won’t go there. All in all, I’m transferring half a terabyte. There isn’t anything in my budget that could speed this process up. So I started cleaning my home folder out, because that’s what a geek does when hopped up on caffeine and can’t sleep.

Then I see a folder in ~/Library called ‘Smart Crash Reports’. Next to that is a folder called ‘RSS Caches’. Then it hits me. Why not make smarter crash reports? If you could combine crash reports from users into an RSS feed, what would be the effect? Would it make things easier if a developer could
get an RSS feed of crash reports from the end users? Of course, this would have to be built with some anonymity involved. Seems wicked cool as I finish off this beer…What say you TAB readers? BTW, I did search google and saw this but did not try it out.


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