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Show’s Drop From ABC Sked Affects Streaming Experiment

ABC’s decision to yank “Commander In Chief” off the air not only irks me personally (as does much of the way it has been handled all along), it puts a crimp in the streaming experiment that started so well May 1. The network plans to run the leftovers in the summer. Better yet, why not take a page from the prematurely canceled “Book of Daniel” and follow NBC’s lead by streaming the unaired shows? That would provide an extra incentive for some users to try the ad-supported streaming now being tested. And it would have the added benefit of being a service to the broadband users among the millions of viewers who were attached to the show. For now, last week’s episode is still included in the media player.
Frank Barnako suggests there’s a lack of communications between the internet and TV side at ABC. Not likely given the top-level involvement of Anne Sweeney, Co-Chair, Disney Media Networks/President, Disney-ABC Television Group, and the importance of the project to Disney.
Rafat adds: They cancelled my second favorite show on TV, besides my Grey’s Anatomy-American Idol tieup. That’s a huge bummer…I will pay and watch all the ads you want, ABC. Really…do something brave.
Update: Just got off the phone with Karen Hobson at ABC … the Apr. 27 episode will stay in the streaming media player through the two-month experiment unless new episodes aire in June as expected. Hobson does not expect the shows to be webcast before being shown on the network. (I’m still trying to find out if it’s a rights issue.) I also checked into a report that the site had been overwhelmed by outage-causing traffic Tuesday. Not so, says Hobson — the problems were caused by a hardware failure unrelated to
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