Loss of Cingular Brand Could Cost AT&T About $4 Billion


It cost $4 billion to rebrand the biggest mobile network in U.S…in 2007, Cingular Wireless will be tossed aside in favor of “AT&T”. Such a move could conjure up images of the rotary dial and cause so much confusion that experts estimate it may take another $2 billion in marketing expenses to explain the changes to consumers, opines RCR/AdAge.
AT&T argues that the $4 billion spent –it will lay out around $1 billion this year alone–won’t be wasted, because the company has “created a brand that has led to a customer base which is the largest in the U.S.”, says an AT&T spokesperson. The company also claims that the single moniker for all AT&T services will “eliminate customer confusion and make a much more elegant solution.”

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