A buddy of mine, Mike Panoff, has been obsessively working on a pet project aimed at making slightly more usable: A dashboard widget he’s calling ““.

It essentially does one simple thing: Make all your tags available from your dashboard widget.

He’s looking to release a few more features over the next couple of weeks, and could use some initial feedback, thoughts and ideas from beta testers. Feel free to post replies in comments, Mike will be keeping his eyes peeled on this blog entry.



I’m really loving this. Its helped me make the full jump into I probably use it more than any other widget I have already.

Michael Panoff

Thanks all, for trying cloudlicious.. the TODO list has grown and grown from all the great feedback I’ve received over the last couple days. Keep your “eyes peeled” for a new version!

… and no Chris that wasn’t me under there ;)


This widget is pretty cool. I’m loving it so far.

Dashboard is slowly becoming more useful to me now.

The Nuge

Cloudlicious rocks!! I love this widget – try it out.

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