Asus A6T notebook integrates 802.11n for 240 Mbps of speed


Wl566gm Wireless connectivity in a notebook faster than wired connectivity? That’s what Asus is claiming based on their new A6T notebook computer using the new and speedy 802.11n wireless specification. 802.11n utilizes MIMO and is backwards compatible with today’s 802.11b & g networks. Like most other wireless technologies, actual usable throughput is roughly half of the advertised rate, but 120 Mbps is still faster than a wired 100BaseT Ethernet connection. Granted, you’ll need an 802.11n router (like the Asus WL-566GM shown) to take advantage of the faster wireless speeds, but it’s clear that the "b" and "g" flavors of WiFi are on the way out in favor of faster standards that provide greater coverage. The new A6T doesn’t yet appear on the Asus product page, but if 240 Mbps is your speed, here’s the page for you watch and wait.

(via Notebook Review)


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