Samsung’s new low-power 7-inch LCD, digitizer not included


Samsung_wvga Looks like Samsung isn’t resting on its Q1 UMPC laurels; the company issued a press release today announcing the development of a 7-inch WVGA single chip LCD screen. The new amorphous silicon (a-Si) screen drops the power consumption to 300 mW, which would greatly help UMPC battery life if the display can be integrated in say, the Samsung Q2? ;)

Don’t get all excited just yet; while the power savings is key towards a more mature UMPC, there’s no mention of any digitizer or touch-screen capabilities just yet. Oh, and the really nice pic of the display looks more like a photo-shopped HDTV image. C’mon now, do you really thing Samsung got the power efficiency down to showing an image when the display isn’t connected to anything? Actually, it’s difficult to tell from the pic if the screen is attached, but no 800 x 480 screen I’ve ever seen can show that level of detail!


Josh Einstein

Considering the picture is only 540 pixels wide, it’s certainly possible to show that level of detail. :)

Steve Paine

Good news. I’ve said before that Samsung are in a good position with display technology. If they can integrate this with D2PO technology, UMPC’s will really benefit.


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