Quicksilver Screencast: Pictures


The Setup

Before everyone starts complaining, I know the video size isn’t as large as you’d like it to be. I’ve been dealing with some stupid Quicktime error when I export it to full size. I wanted to get this out to you, so I’m releasing it in the largest format that would work. Please be patient, and I’ll keep working on the larger version.

Without further ado:
Quicksilver: Pictures (mov – 11mb)

As always, if you’ve got questions, let me know in the comments and I’ll answer as soon as I can. If you’ve got suggestions (besides video dimentions!) or whatever, I’m all ears.(Especially if you’ve got suggestions for the video imagery during my closing comments – you’ll see the ‘flurry’ I used in this one…) I am trying to think of all angles here, but I realize everyone learns differently, so be patient as I continue to evolve this Quicksilver screencast process.

Thanks for reading & watching!



I know I’m tuning in kinda late, but I’m one of those stupid dudes that just start using QS.
However, I’m experiencing the same problem as Joppe: I don’t get the “run” command in the second pane, though I’ve doublechecked the required plug-ins and actions, they’re all there installed and checked.
Any idea what else could be the problem?


Please don’t slow down!!! I like the pace! IF people have trouble, tell them to review the quicktime file!

Maybe more explanation / close up of the triggers and how to use them.

I just found your site, so this may be a stupid question or (RTFB) but do you have a trouble shooting section? I have a G5 and QS is soo slow I had to stop using it, but I still rock it on the laptop…tried reinstalling and still get the slug effect.

Keep rocking!!


When I launch QuickSilver, and type CAPTURE, I do not have a a script (or application, or whatever it is you have) called CAPTURE. What is it, please, that you are using? Thanks.

yash gupta

I couldnt understand one bit of it. I will have to go through it over again. need to know stuff like what u used for screenshot, cmd+ctrl+3 or some QS plugin. Then how did you upload that to flickr… well, what can I say, I`m just starting out in the world of mac and quicksilver.


love your work. have only just discovered QS and I am by no means using it at it’s full potential. But you are helping to change that. Thanks for all your efforts.



Nice tutorials – I can’t really function on computers that don’t have Quicksilver anymore.

One thing – does turning on all these plugins and actions slow QS down at all? I find that on my G5 (both at home and work) it sometimes hangs for a good little while after I’ve invoked QS and started typing commands. Any ideas?


i was watching ScreenCasts Online and he did a demo of LaunchBar, he brought up the keyboard map so it would so which keys he was pressing as he went through the tutorial

i think its good to show it quick, maybe once at the beginning or end, but the middle needs to be a slow step-by-step that people can kind of follow a long with

Nick Santilli

rangi –
In Quicksilver prefs, go to the Appearance section (should be 3rd from top)
make sure that “load previews” is checked. That should be the one you’re looking for.

Though I’ve got all three of those checked – Superfluous effects, load icons, and load previews. so just check em all! :)


Just curious, when I go through the same exercise I don’t see the preview of the image in the command window, just the standard icon for preview. I am also using the bezel view, is it a quicksilver seting that gives the image preview?

Nick Santilli

Rishabh –
I was going to do something like that, but there’s reallyno shortcuts that I used. The only one was the custom trigger I mentioned, and I showed the setup screen. All it does is load the currently selected item into Quicksilver.

Basically, create a trigger (I use cdm esc) that uses the Current Selection Proxy Object. (if you followed the setup video last week, you saw where I enabled the Proxy Objects in the Catalog, under Quicksilver). It doesn’t matter when the 2nd pane is set to in the trigger, because most likely you’ll choose something different when you use it.

If you don’t want to create/use the trigger, simply select the file(s) you want to load into Quicksilver, invoke Quicksilver, and then hit cmg g – this achieves the same result.



It would be awesome if you can post the keyboard shortcuts you used during the video!

Nick Santilli

yeah, I’ve noticed, and noted this for next time. I get going with the intent to show how fast and awesomer Quicksilver is, and then I get stuck in that mode. Will work on that for next time.
thanks for the input!


I think you need to slow it down a lot. it just was a blur of actions with no explanation on how you were going from step to step or what anything was.

Nick Santilli

the screensaver was my ‘filler’ while I made my closing comments. Couldn’t figure out what I should put there….which is why I’m open to suggestions about what else people would like to see in the screencast during sections like that where I’m talking randomly.

Go into preferences.
Actions section
with ‘All Actions’ selected, search for ‘run’
make sure all run commands (in this case, with the gear icon next to it) are checked, or enabled.


I dont have a “run” command after choosing screen capture.. hmm?


the pace was fast in the beginning, had to re-run it a few times to see what you were doing :)
and why is there a screensaver in the end?

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