jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #16 – XV6700 / PPC-6700 video overview


Watch jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #16 here (WMV format, 320×240, 60 MB, 24 minutes)

Kevin_2006_100pix_1 So we’re following up the SenaCase review for the XV6700 with a video overview of the phone itself. This Windows Mobile 5.0 phone is never out of my reach and functions as a phone, camera, audiovideo player, PDA, e-mail device and Internet browser. How’d they do that??? You’ll have to sneak a peek as we cover the device from top to bottom!


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Please note:  This video is in WMV format so it will not show up nor play in iTunes.  You will have to use another podcatcher or download the show direct to view.


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