It’s time for a jkOnTheRun contest!


SBSH Mobile Software released version 5.1 of the most excellent program PocketBreeze and in celebration of the release they have graciously provided us with 5 full licenses to give away to jkOnTheRun readers.  Version 5.1 is a major new release of the Today screen program that provides full D-pad control of Pocket Breeze.  Here’s a few highlights of features in the new version:

Pocket Breeze 5.1Complete D-Pad Navigation Support – A new Complete Navigation D-Pad mode was added, allowing you to fully control all of your PocketBreeze items using the D-Pad control, navigating tab items one by one, opening context menus and much more!

New PIM Information Loading Code – Information loading code was completely redesigned. Users that will upgrade from version 5.0 to the new version 5.1 will notice major performance improvement for PocketBreeze loading time

Redesigned Drawing Code – A complete recoding of the PocketBreeze drawing code was implemented. The immediate effect that you will notice is a much more responsive PocketBreeze and smaller sized! Both are highly important guidelines for us during the development

PocketBreeze 5.1 has a retail value of $14.95 but five of you lucky readers can win one for free!  All you have to do is add a comment to this thread stating what you think is your most favorite post on jkOnTheRun and why.  Be creative and let us know what you like most about your favorite post.  That’s it!  When we get enough entries Kevin and I will pick the five best entries and those individuals will soon be running PocketBreeze on their Windows Mobile device totally free!  So what are you waiting for?  Get your entry in now.




Because I am new to the site, this post would be my favorite. I look forward to new posts, as informative as this one is!


I would have to say my favorite post was the one on UMPC’s: They are still so new, yet, that no one has really had a chance to use them on a regular basis. I think they fill the gap when you aren’t at home with your desk top (I know, who has desktops anymore?!) and need something more heavy duty than a Pocket PC.

dan rosica

This post is my favorite as well as my first. I install
google desktop4 and your post popped up under webclips.

I might even return……that is if I win :-)

Nick Ross

Do podcasts count ?

If so – it’s got to be the day in the life podcast in June 2005 showing your day’s usage of gadgets. Nice to know I’m doing some things right!

Given it’s nearly June 2006, is there a plan for an updated podcast? Or even, now Kevin’s on board – 2 podcasts ?

Sorry – getting greedy now ;)


Jack Eales

Snagging home run balls with a Tablet PC has to be my favourite post – talk about a truly crazy use of tech toys…. it’s just superb – although a capsize could prove a little expensive :-)

You gotta love people with more money than sense!

Gordon Cahill

In recent posts my favourite would have to be the one where Kevin introduced himself. While jkontherun was already the best tech and gadget site on the web, the addition of Kevin to the team has really enhanced my enjoyment of the site. It brings a fresh opinion and really rounds out the site.



I have followed your advice since I first heard about the tablet pc. There is one post that probably sits in the back of your mind. It does mine and probably along with many others. It’s your exclusive post about the DualCor cPC.

Your post made me feel like a little kid the night before Christmas. My heart started pumping frantically and my palms sweaty. The device in it’s own class. You had a source of information and a conversation with the CEO of the company that made me envious yet burning for more.

I listened and read as the weeks went on. I think one of the reasons I am so excited is the fact that I can’t wait to see and hear your reaction when you actually get one. I want one too! Who wouldn’t? If you are reading this and haven’t seen the post, check it out!


It would be beyond the scope of my abilities to narrow down a single post that is my very most favorite – every day I find something new that no other site has reported. The best I can do is my favorite post of the moment – which is the press release on the DyKnow software and Gateway partnership.

Just last week I was asked by an educator about how to use that software with a tablet pc, and what benefits might be found. I wasn’t aware of any, and had not had time to do any research. But I look today and POW, there is the answer to the question!

There is no telling how many other readers zipped past that article, as it probably had a narrow audience. But for me, it was exactly what I needed to see.

That is my most favorite article (of the moment) because jkOnTheRun just made my job easier – just like the Tablet PC does.


The best posts are those that provide me with some information that I have been totally ignorant of prior to the reading. An example would be the post on January 31st regarding that dandy (and inexpensive) piece of software titled RoboForm. After reading the post I realized that the software solved a nagging problem for me; how to login with the tabletpc while I’m projecting on a large screen in front of 70 MBA students and not show them my passwords! I immediately purchased two licenses for the product (it turns out that the software is quite useful on any laptop).


Tracy Hooten

My Favorite is “Triple jkOTR Review- Complete desktop in your pocket”

with the “day in the life of jk” articles in a very very close second & third.

All the images of how small everthing can really be and still be productive is just mind boggling. It was my first exposure to tiny computers (I thought my Acer 110 was as small as someone could really go). Because it was my first time seeing all this in use, the added descriptions of how everything was put together made it not only cool but possible. Before that post I saw mobile computing as simply laptops and tablets. I guess I was still living inside the box and that article opened my eyes to what portible, mobile technology/computing really can be.


Freeware of the Moment- OneNote Daily Journal PowerToy
Nov 4th 2005
Why? I get so much out of OneNote and anything that is going to help make it better is of interest to me.

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