Intel G965 boosting shared GPU memory? Tablet PC users hope so


Intel_g965 This might speculation based on more speculation, but it shows promise for portable devices needing a boost in the graphics department. The Register is reporting that leaked slides on a Chinese computer hardware site indicated that Intel’s Broadwater G965 chipset will gain significant performance with support for DirectX 10 and Shader Model 4.0. Additionally, the new chipset will raise the shared graphics limit from 128 MB to 256 MB. Sounds like Intel is fighting back against nVidia and ATI just in time for Microsoft Vista to me. As a Tablet PC user that can’t run Aero Glass without registry hacks, I’m OK with it!




Intel isn’t at all trying to compete with nVidia or ATI. The current reason you have to use registry hacks to get Aero Glass on your Intel Graphics Solution is because the new official Windows driver platform that’s coming out with Vista hasn’t been released yet. Just beta software. I mean, why enable something that’s not even released? Second, they’re increasing the amount of available graphics memory because 128mb isn’t enough for Aero Glass at higher resolutions. If you look around, you’ll find that the SPECIFIC specs for running Aero Glass depends on your resolution. 128mb of dirt slow graphics performance is enough for 1024×768, but with their new VIIV platform, Media Center users will (hopefully) be running at higher resolutions, thereby requiring more graphics memory. Not to mention you’ll need the higher bandwidth to run Aero Glass plus have all the Media Center goodness customers expect.

But for us tablet users? No real gain I’m afraid.

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