iLoad, the $250 iPod song loader

Iload Don’t have a PC, but you’ve got an iPod? I’d say you’re in the minority since you really need a computer to seed your Apple purchase. Hey, aside from dehydrated water, there’s a market for everything right? Take the iLoad, which will set you back $249 from Hammacher Schlemmer.

This thing looks like a cross between an old 8-track player and a cassette dubber from the late ’70s, but it’s oh so 21-st century since it rips CDs to your iPod. This one pound unit also has an internal database for the song, album and artist info which makes me wonder: if it’s not a computer, how does that database get updated exactly? Sounds like the iLoad just reads the song data from the CD and someone in the marketing department needed to use the word "database". My advice: buy an old PC for less, use that new-fangled Internet and just get your music on-line or rip the CDs with iTunes. ;)



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