FiOS & First Quarter Broadband Scorecard


(updated with TW & Q data) The big broadband providers ( Cox and Cablevision are yet to report) have added close to 2.44 million broadband subscribers in first quarter of 2006. That works out to approx. 25.4% of the 9.63 million who signed up for broadband in entire 2005.

* Verizon added 541,000 broadband subscribers bringing their total to 5.7 million. UBS says about 100,000 were FiOS customers.
* BellSouth added a record 263,000 DSL net adds in the first quarter bringing the total to 3.1 million total customers
* AT&T added 511,000 new DSL users and now has 7.432 million broadband subscribers.
* Qwest added 198,000 high-speed Internet lines in the first quarter and has total 1.7 million subscribers.
* Comcast added 437,000 broadband subscribers, to take their total to 9 million subscribers.
* Charter added 126,000 subscribers to bring the total to 2.322 million.
* Time Warner which just announced its 1Q earnings, added 346,000 net new residential high-speed customers during the quarter now has 5.17 million broadband subscribers.


Dennis Evans

When Comcast adds their portion of Adelphia modems they will be neck and neck with the new AT&T [after BS integration]…~10.5 Million.
This must give them nightmares that they have to discount so much.

FIOS to the remote near the last mile or 2, then via VDSL is AT&T current solution. Subject to change when higher penetration stresses the copper [cross talk].


It is good to know that Verizon has been getting some traction with their premium FIOS offering. Otherwise the vast majority of the gains would have come from the $14 DSL offer. It seems they are also planning to substantially increase FIOS speeds in areas where they compete with Cablevision. Any idea if they will increase the coverage of naked DSL?

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