Create a personalized mobile radio station with Pandora


Pandora Need to unwind with your own private radio station? Not a problem, just use an Internet connection and head over to Pandora. This service is based around the Music Genome Project, which was developed to analyze music attributes to better understand what "good" music has in common. Pandora is an application of this analysis, and here’s how it works:

  • Tell Pandora one artist or song name that you like.
  • Pandora will then play other artists or songs that share the same "musical genome" attributes.
  • Provide feedback to Pandora on each song to show you like or dislike for the choice

After providing enough feedback, you’ll presumably hear only songs that fit the attributes of music you like. The service is free (but with eventual ad support) or you can avoid ads entirely by paying a $36 a year subscription fee for your own personal radio station. After just a little while, I was impressed with the personalized playlists; they’re as good, if not better than ones I could create on my iPod.

(via Mobile Musings)



chris carter

I tthink this is a good site to listen to music on because I heard about it from a friend and I just thought it would be cool to create my own panora station.


Is there anyway you can create a podcast from your Pandora’s stations so you can play it in your iPod?


Pandora has definitely improved a lot over the past few months as they keep adding lots more tracks, and I find myself using it more and more. Especially since you can use it together with your account now:


This is a lot of fun, I recommend it to anyone who is bound to a desk several hours a day. You get a lot of songs you know, even more that you don’t – but you wind up liking them since you’ve trained Pandora.

Ads will be a bummer, but right now it is ad-free. Try it.

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