Starbucks Signs William Morris To Scout Deals; Akeelah’s Weak Opening

Interesting, though not unusual…talent agencies have to do something, right? Starbucks has tapped William Morris Agency to help find projects in music, film and books, to consider for marketing and distribution in its stores.
Accoording to LAT, this might be the way Starbucks should be going … Three months after the Seattle-based company announced it would launch a movie marketing venture with the feel-good feature film “Akeelah and the Bee,” the film opened to sluggish box-office returns, says the story.
Staci adds: Worth noting that Steve Rothenberg, domestic distributuon president for Lionsgate, told Hollywood Reporter the exit polls were “great” and “we’re going to hunker down and be ready for hopefully a very long run in theaters.” The movie also got generally good reviews.

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