Review of the Samsung Q1 UMPC now available


Since today is the world-wide roll-out for the Samsung Q1 Origami/ UMPC it is only fitting that I mention the first in-depth review.  Personal Computer World in the UK had a chance to put one through its paces and have published a thorough overview of the Origami device.  The Q1 looks to have the most polished set of device utilities of any Origami to date and is a full featured handheld.  The review has a lot of photos of every feature on the device and details the software that is pre-loaded on the Q1 to maximize the mobile experience.  The Q1 has a twin array microphone which provides good voice recognition and VoIP calls, according to the article.  The reviewer seems to have taken a shine to the Samsung with the exception of the Celeron processor, which is not surprising.  It will be interesting to see how buyers react to the anemic CPU when the devices start getting into their hands.



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