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Word is floating around the global internets that Apple has released two new Mac TV ads. Both ads are share the format of conversation between hilarious author John Hodgman and a bearded Justin Long. Hodgman plays the part of a clueless PC, and Long as a relaxed Mac.

The first ad, entitled Reading the Wall St. Journal features Hodgman and Long discussing technology columnist Walter Mossberg’s review of the new iMac. Hodgman argues that the Mac and PC are still essentially equal, as just that morning, he received a rave review in the Awesome Computer Review Weekly Journal.

Cought a Virus, the second ad, shows Hodgman whining about a new virus he came down with, and urging Long to stay back, lest he too catch the dreaded illness. Stating the obvious, Long informs Hodgman that Macs cant catch viruses.

Via TUAW and Andrew Escobar.

UPDATE: Looks like there are actually 6 ads, and they are all available on Apple’s site.



These mac commercials are pretty sad !!!!

This once again proves that macs are for soccer moms and old people.

I work part time as a graphic designer while im in college, and guess what, all 15 of us complain to the “old guy”, our boss.

Many of these machines have to be reformatted multiple ties during the course of the year by applecare.

They should really tell people the truth about mac…

Here are the aweful truths that the commercial FAILS to mention when you actually try to work on a mac.

The Mach microkernel makes the linux under mac unbearably slow. So slow in fact, that graphic design is unbearable. I had to install yellow dog linux and run gimp because it was so unbearable.
Windows 2003 Workstation is the fastest os on the market.

Where the hell is the eject button. It doesnt work.
Yes, ejecting the cd stops functioning completely if you keep a disk in there too long. This is true for zip and cd. Manually ejecting will eject the disk, but you will have to reboot the unit.
In windows and in linux, the eject button works and is never unecessarily locked. Only when something is being written to a cd is it locked on a windows machine. Zip is always left unlocked.
In a normal day, i have to reboot the mac 12-20 times, since a lot of our templates are kept on dvds[we make vehicle decals]. Sure we’re paid by the hour, but now we can show him that we cant work very fast because of the macs.

They have the audacity to compare plug-n-play. Im sorry, but this is just false advertising. For all you novices, that means that the japanese camera has to speak english. Windows and linux will ALWAYS detect the camera as a removable drive.
What mac wont do using their magically crappy plug and play is detect controller cards, initialize foreign hids, foreign sound cards, or any other non-mac hardware.
Both [debian-my flavor]linux, and windows have plug-in-play systems much much much much much more developed than mac. If you have a piece odd and new, or specialize hardware, i guarantee that it wont work on a mac even if mac.
NOW, if you install yellow dog linux, then most of the crazy hardware, like a sound card, will work.

Crashing !?
Even funnier. As i said already, most of us have to reboot these macs 12-20 times on a good day!!!
Macs can crash predicatably !!!
Why dont they show safari loading ebay !!!
Ok, now lets talk about crashing in general. We generally have our entire adobe ad macromedia packages crash regularly. The crashes occur WITHOUT ANY NOTICE.
Macs never crash because they never tell you they did, so you’ll be wondering if YOU closed the app accidentally.

Finder ?
Finder is terrible.
Try searching multiple files, multiple times when recompiling freehand files and converting them to pdfs and AIs. Ive already mentioned how bad finder is on removable drives. Adding to that, why do you have download tinker tool to actually see ALL the hidden files.

Jumping from MAC OS 9-10.
Fonts are totally messed up.
Narrow helvetica was NHelvetica on mac os 9
Helvetica Narrow is actually the STANDARD font, and they’ve started to use this standard on newer versions of x. We found this out when we upgraded Tiger.
Also, mac keeps generating XF exception errors on loading a converted freehand file. Being the only one studying computer science, i had to crazy things to find out that it was actually a missing font. In windows IT ACTUALLY TELLS YOU.

Mac modularity is terrible. switching between apps is horrible, especially trying to multi task.

For some reason, mac likes print cmyk pantone previews as ghostly images. Mac actually directly tries to mix the pantone colors, when we dont have pantone specific catridges. On a windows or linux machine, since we are only printing previews, they actually adjust to print the closest color possible, unlike mac.

Instead, they should really be airing
To save professional from making a mistake.

Mac is not for professionals.
If your a novice, otherwise, dont know how a computer works, then mac is for you.
I repeat, macs are not for professional.
Mac is the least technologically adanced system on the market. It uses BSD linux undereath.
All there really is, is a shiny gui, nothing else.

I repeat again, if your gonna do professional editing, like vector graphics, raster graphic, web sites, or even professional video, DONT choose a mac. If your going to host sites, dont choose a mac.

If your looking for a professional setup, use windows workstation, with a 1 linux firewall/router/norton antivirus corporate server[this is all on one machine].
Basically, all windows machines interface with the linux machine. They are all behind it. Norton updates itself automatically on the linux machine on wine, and then automatically updates the windows workstations.

Notice, I didnt mention anything about gaming.


Mac should be able to stand on its own. I’m sure it can. Instead, they have agreed collectively to an ad campaign to take the tired old ‘look at our strengths, they’re stronger than the PC equivalent!’ Nevermind that they’re only comparing the things that make them look good.

The MS equivalent commercial would be:

Do you want to play games? My God, look how many games we have! Mac doesn’t have this many games.

And the commercial would be some dorky looking guy playing Pong on a Mac alone in his basement, while the cool PC guy plays the latest multiplayer game at a LAN, where everyone is having fun.

Is that essentially true? No. Mac users can now choose from a number of games. A lot more than the MacOS of yore, which is what the commercials seem to be comparing: WindowsOSes of yore.

I’m glad MS doesn’t make these kinds of commercials, but if they did, they could also tout:

Look how many hardware upgrades we have! Macs have hardly any.

Look how much freeware available for Windows! Macs don’t have nearly as much.

We can use more than one processor type to run our OS, Mac only has Intel!

See how quickly it becomes stupid?


“Why is mac going to Intel chips again?” Because they finaly decided that their G4-G5 cpu’s sucked compared to intel(and AMD) even though their older ad campains were saying the exact oposite.
They just can’t stop finding something to say about pc’s and basing their hole marketing on that.

“The most important thing to keep in mind is that the Mac ads compare Mac OS X to Windows 98” – Huh are you sure? that’s like compairing vista to a bike, or Mac OS 8. I think that they are more about BS than tricks like that.

Now take a look at three M$ ads, they might not be all that funny, but atleast they show you what they think is the good part about their software, not the bad part of the competition.
Even if the stuff sucks, it will get me in a buying mood faster than apple’s aproach of esentialy calling me an idiot for choosing a pc.

David Wilhelm

To: Chris Coleman, maybe try adjusting your virtual memory rather than pulling the plug and causing damage.

I am a PC user and I find these ads are very, very, very misleading. My PC doesn’t get virused because I take care of it.

My PC can speak fluently with all my cameras, Japanese, German, and US.

My PC can make a pie chart WITH color, OMG!

My PC can play any MP3 and I can put them on my 50 GB MP3 player, or any type of MP3 player for that matter which was around $200 less than a comparable IPOD.

Why is mac going to Intel chips again?


The Mac ads are somewhat misleading in some instances. The ads are essentially true but require an explaination in order to be fair to PCs. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the Mac ads compare Mac OS X to Windows 98, and that in the many years since Windows 98, Microsoft has release two major Windows operating systems (Windows 2000/XP), plus smaller operating systems (ME/NT), and is bordering on the release of a third major operating system (Vista). Here are a few points that go beneath the surface of the Mac ads.

1. Viruses: There are many viruses out there, a huge majority of which run on Windows. In order to understand why Macs don’t get viruses, you have to know the basics of what a virus is. A virus is just a program that uses a line of code to order the computer to take an action, just like a regular program, only viruses order the computer to destroy files. Because the viruses use code, the viruse will only work when activated on it’s respective operating system. Mac and Windows are formatted using different codes. So, when a Mac gets a Windows virus, it cannot read the commands. Basically, a Windows virus would have the same effect on a Mac as you would on your boss if you handed him/her a report written in Mandarin Chinese. The reason that there are virtually no viruses for Macs is that no programmer wants to make a virus for Mac, seeing as how Macs only hold 5% of the market. There are a few Mac viruses, but so few that almost no one gets them. So the next time you see or think about this ad, keep in mind that Macs can catch viruses, there just aren’t near enough viruses that run on Mac to make a big impact.

2. Drivers: Every piece of hardware needs a driver to work, including the floppy drive (Drive A on Windows), the keyboard, the mouse, (even the built in keyboards and mouses on laptops), and even the main harddrive. When the computer boots up, it searches for these drivers and finds the software attacted to them. Whenever you plug a new piece of hardware into your computer (USB or digital camera), the computer searches itself, online updates, and the hardware for the drivers. Mac claims that you can just plug hardware in and go. Essentially, this is true, assuming that your hardware is common and not out of date. Both Macs and PCs require drivers to run new hardware. The reason Mac can make the “plug in and go” claim is because it comes with a pack of drivers on the machine so that if you plug in your camera or USB cord for the first time, it will automatically detect it. Apple, however, makes it seem as though PCs cannot do this. This is where you need to keep in mind that Apple is comparing their Mac OS X to Microsoft’s Windows 98. Windows 98 does not come with a pack of drivers. But Windows 2000 and XP do. Also, Macs, like Windows 2000/XP, cannot detect all hardware automatically. The packs of drivers that come with Mac OS X and Windows 2000/XP contain drivers for common hardware (printers, digital cameras, etc.). But they do not contain every driver for every piece of hardware. If your hardware is old or rare, you will still need to install the drivers for it, whether or not you have a Mac or a PC. Most of the time, the drivers come on a disk with the hardware or can be found online. So while it is true that most of the time you can just plug your hardware in and go on a Mac, the same is true for Windows XP.

3. Windows on Macs: One of the Mac ads claims that you can run Windows on Mac. This is, again, essentially true. But you have to break this claim down a little. You can’t run Windows on a Mac, only Windows software. Furthermore, you can only run Windows software on a Mac through third-party software. The most common program is Parallels Desktop. The program boots up after the Mac boots up and containts system coding files that work with Windows, allowing Windows-based programs to run on the Mac. The program runs about $60 or so.

4. Mac iSoftware: Another Mac ad made it seem as though PCs only came with software good for making graphs and charts, and that Macs came with software used for media. The ad stressed that Window’s software was futile when capturing practical things such as a family vacation, and the PC countered with a nice pie chart (I noticed how Apple made the chart light grey and dark grey to emphasize how dull and boring PCs are). While Macs do come with software like iMovie, Windows also comes with software like Windows Movie Maker, which can be just as effective as iMovie because both iMovie and Windows Movie Maker are use for the same thing: compiling scattered clips into a continuous film.

Those are just a few points to consider when making a fair decision between Mac and Windows.


I love the mac ads, but they’re very inaccurate in order to better sell you. I mean, Windows is not restricted to Clock and Calculator – there’s Windows Movie Maker, and I mean c’mon, who HASN’T wasted an entire night trying to win a hand of Solitaire or 3D Pinball?

Granted, iLife blows all of this out of the water.


These ads are insulting to the target market. Apple is playing off of old clichés that have more to do with a PC made in 96’ than 2006’.

For example my Japanese made digital camera was able to “talk” just fine with my PC on the first try. The same goes for my latest PC “just working” right out of the box.

If you want me to switch don’t lie to me – tell me why your product is better (and BTW please don’t confuse me in the process by making me relate more to the square 40 year old than the young guy my age – another rant).

I think this might work with the non-computer owning market that is nervous about buying their first computer; and how many of these people are really left?


I personally am not a fan of the mac.

I love the commercials though.

The commercials are entertaining, regardless of whether or not I actually agree with the message.


Those negative ads are almost as disgusting as negative political ads.

If you’re really good, you don’t need to put the other guy down. On top of it, the ads are also ageist. Distasteful and annoying.


Let’s face it, these commercials appeal to current Mac users and alienate current PC users. They’re really just a pat on the back for being, “intelligent enough” to have purchased a Mac in the past, and perhaps offer motivation for upgrading to a new Intel powered one.

What we all fail to recognize is that if Windows came packaged with the wealth of applications that OS X does MS would be taken to court and forced to remove them.

Or did that already happen?


Apple is just plain unprofessional when they bring out ads like these. I was almost going to buy a mac but now have decided against it as did many others I know. I am sure my windows machines are the best and do all I need to do and more.

And Apple is:
1. Wrong that they are more campatible with digital cameras
2. Wrong when they say that they crash less.
3. Wrong when they say they are more secure. Mac just doesn’t have the numbers to attract any hackers.

I hope Steve Jobbs wakes up and starts respecting his future customers…


The ads are kind of funny, but that digital camera one is stupid. I’ve never heard of any manufacturer creating a digital camera that doesn’t work on… um… 95% of the world’s operating systems!! Macs are great machines, but one of the drawbacks is that software and drivers are never available for them because they represent such a little piece of the market share. I could never run Google Earth (now there’s a Beta version available), watch video clips on websites (they’re always formated for WMP) or use most printers with a Mac. And now there’s no MS Office that works for the new Intel Macs. This compatibility issue is their biggest weakness and they have the nerve to act like PCs don’t work with digital cameras? Please!


Complete and utter obsurdity. These ads do nothing more than pray on ignorance and appeal to people who get off on stereotypes no matter how obsured they are. The implications lots of these ads make are just obsured and some are offensive to someone like myself that spends much of my time doing the things the ads say I can’t on my ancient PC that has more power than any mac could dream of. They debate software issues as if they were hardware issues and they don’t even do them accurately. My biggest piece of advice for any Mac user out there who thinks a PC is unreliable, insecure, inept, or any of the other accusations Mac users frequently cling to, is to learn how to use it. I don’t go around claiming Mac’s can’t do anything just because I’ve never bothered to learn how to use them. These ads are nothing more than a PC smear campaign and the only people it seems to please are Mac users. Any PC user with half a brains knows how obsured they are. Enjoy your super Mac. I hope all your arrogant Mac users do the world a favor and strap it to your back like a cape and try to fly off a tall building with it. Maybe you can draw pretty pictures or listen to 99c songs on the way down. WEEEEEEEE SPLAT!!!


The new Mac commercials are wonderful. Smug and funny and smart. The actors capture the essence of the differences. The commercials have a lot of attitude, just like Macs and Mac people. While I’ve used both in the business world, I’ve only owned Macs.

Steve M

I like the ads, but I think it’s somewhat ironic that the man who plays the Mac looks as if he could never afford a Mac, while the man who plays the PC looks as if he could. I suppose if the camera were to pan a bit to the right, we would see the kid’s parents sitting at a desk writing out checks to apple on his behalf. What is the message supposed to be here, Mac’s are for slackers? For the record, I am a Mac fan, but would never buy one due to the plethora of cheaply available PCs (heck, if you know enough people you can usually score a used one for essentially nothing or even build it from scratch).


I think some of them are creative, but the one about the new digital cameras that only speak “Mac’s language” is pretty lame.


Listen, i use and like Mac’s,
but i have to agree with Jenny here, it’s just disrespectful, the ads don’t say “buy i mac, it’s a great machine with great software”.
They just say “buy i mac, the alternative sucks”.
I mean come on, couldn’t they come up with anything smarter than that?
You can choose a Mac for better reasons than that.
If dell made an advertisement like that you would be offended wouldn’t you?

I must admit, at home i use a pc, not because it’s better or runs faster or any other lame excuse. It just suits my personal needs better than a Mac.
Pc’s are great too, if you know how to use them.

P.s. but i must say they are funny.

oh and Chris Coleman you can raise the amount of virtual memory your pc uses from the “control panel -> system properties”, just a useful advice.


I LOVE my MAC, but I was so sad to watch the new Ad’s. They are so disrespectuful…I’m old, uncool, I must be a PC. I know plenty of mac users in their late 30’s and they were suits! I also have some cool friends in their early 20’s who do a lot of design work and they have chosen PC’s over macs.
No, I am not in coorporate America and I just turned 24, but I have plenty of respect for PC users. I am very disappointed on Apple’s new marketing campain.


Everybody’s comment was positive till yours, Allison.

Sigh. Why did you have to make that kind of comment?

Leave us be.

You drink koolaid?


You must be the sucker for the Kool-Aid Man.


You people are pathetic.

“I love Macs”, “My Mac is the best”, “When I go home I turn on my Mac”, “Steve Jobs is the coolest”, “People that use PCs are stupid”, “Did you hear Intel likes making chips for Macs better than for PCs”, “One time at band camp…”

Pass the Koolaid I need a drink.
Suckers for marketing.

Chris Coleman

The restarting one is great. I get that annoying little bubble telling me I’m running low on VM every day at work around 1 p.m. It takes so long to actually restart that I just yank the power cord more often than not.

Some people might wonder why the first thing I do when I get home is turn on my Mac after sitting in front of the computer all day at work. I think most Mac users would understand immediately.

Gareth Potter

Good stuff, good stuff. I wonder whether they’ll make it to the UK. (The Intel chip one did.)

The only issue I have – and admittedly I’m nitpicking a little here – is that they’ve chosen to make the point about viruses. Long have some on the Mac web wanted them to do this, and I have occasionally been supportive of the idea, but I can’t help wonder whether it’s a bit like throwing down the gauntlet to hackers. It is quite well-worded though…

Oh, actually, I kinda have another issue. That Windows machines crash. It’s a bit unfair. Although I suppose it depends how many viewers are still running Windows 98 – for them it will ring rather true.

Dat Nguyen

Apple’s creatives and ad agency are at it again with a great series of commercials. The fact that John Hodgman is there makes it so much more enjoyable. Thanks for the links.

Dan Bruno

I saw the Mossberg one on Fox tonight during 24. If you have an obsessed friend who TiVoed it — everyone does, it seems — you should be able to pull it off of there.

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