New Mac Ads

Word is floating around the global internets that Apple has released two new Mac TV ads. Both ads are share the format of conversation between hilarious author John Hodgman and a bearded Justin Long. Hodgman plays the part of a clueless PC, and Long as a relaxed Mac.

The first ad, entitled Reading the Wall St. Journal features Hodgman and Long discussing technology columnist Walter Mossberg’s review of the new iMac. Hodgman argues that the Mac and PC are still essentially equal, as just that morning, he received a rave review in the Awesome Computer Review Weekly Journal.

Cought a Virus, the second ad, shows Hodgman whining about a new virus he came down with, and urging Long to stay back, lest he too catch the dreaded illness. Stating the obvious, Long informs Hodgman that Macs cant catch viruses.

Via TUAW and Andrew Escobar.

UPDATE: Looks like there are actually 6 ads, and they are all available on Apple’s site.


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