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MySpace Video: #1 In Matter Of Days

Last week, Rafat reported on an interesting comment from FIM president Ross Levinsohn about the number of video uploads on MySpace surpassing YouTube in a matter of days. Bill Tancer of Hitwise didn’t offer hard numbers but talked about the phenomenon during a video interview with Bambi Francisco. Tancer: “It was very interesting when we saw vids.myspace launch. It leapfrogged past Yahoo Video, past Google Video and and past YouTube in a matter of days.” He credits MySpace’s massive distribution channel. YouTube still generates more sessions and a long session time of about 15 minutes. MySpace sessions are shorter, Tancer suspects, because for now there’s less video to see. He claims that about a quarter of YouTube’s video traffic was coming from MySpace; Francisco says Nielsen told her the actual number is about 2 percent. Tancer said he feels comfortable with his numbers and can’t answer for Nielsen.