Dell offering junkware free options


Much has been lamented about the pre-installed junkware that OEMs have been putting on computers in exchange for financial consideration from the companies that produce the unwanted software.  The first thing you have to do when you purchase a new PC is spend several hours getting rid of the junk that comes pre-installed that you don’t want to clutter up your brand new system.  Dell has been listening to those complaints on the internet and is now offering select XPS systems with limited junkware pre-installed.  When the customer selects the no junkware option the system ships with just an anti-virus program, no doubt to offer that critical protection to the buyer.  The logo says it all:

XPS junkware free

The Dell configurator now defaults to “no pre-installed software” for most of the select XPS models.  Let’s hope that other OEMs follow suit, especially Toshiba.  Too bad Dell doesn’t make Tablet PCs. 

(via TechBlog)


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