Comparison of six different Tablet PCs


Motion LE1600 Tracy Hooten of The Student Tablet PC



Tablet PC User


Relax, we don’t see eye to eye when it comes to your reviews…but I’m still reading them. I’m not a fan of your tablet pc reviews, but clearly other people are.

I enjoy reading things that I don’t agree with! It makes a person better by looking at all sides and determine what he/she wants (e.g. Mac vs PC vs Linux/Unix). Going from blog to blog to “dis” you? Please! I have nothing love for you dudette!

JK and Aaron,

Thanks for your maturity in your response. You saw what you were looking for in the review, I didn’t. Go to any department store and you’ll find people with the same ideas about any item (some will like it, others won’t).

Aaron M. Hall

I agree jk… I thought the review was very informative.

Tracy Hooten

Wow, dude, could you really limit the number of blogs you diss me at? This makes two and I’ve only checked two so far today.

Thanks, JK.


Tablet PC User- we’ll just have to agree to disagree on your comments on the comparison. It is rare that prospective buyers get a chance to see this many different models in one review. Tracy gives a good comparison of two areas that interest prospective customers, wide-angle viewing and keyboards and I find that very useful information. Just because a couple of Core Duo units have been released doesn’t make all other Tablet PCs on the market outdated! All of the models Tracy reviewed are actively be sold (and bought) by many people. I was particularly interested in Tracy’s comments about the LE1600 keyboard as that unit has interested me for quite some time but the original keyboard didn’t cut it. It sounds like the new one works well so I found that info useful. As for Tracy’s other reviews- her article about the TEO 3.0 beta and how she uses it at school was extremely helpful.

Tablet PC User

What a terrible review! Tracy adds nothing to the blogsphere about these units. Added to the fact that all of them are already out-dated to the new Core Duo units.

I’ve found Tracy’s reviews to be rather pointless. I think her best article (to date) is the Tablet PC / Notebook tips…but she just complied it since other users had the ideas!

My rating 1 out of 10 – Boooo!!!!!

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