Online DVD Rental Firm Targets $110 Million Revenues By 2010

This can be a bit of hyperbole. India’s own Netflix, Bangalore’s is targeting sales of Rs 500 crore ($111 million) in five years, according to Netflix, the company which pioneered online DVD rental business, has done it. From 239,000 users in the first year of operations in 1999, Netflix has grown to four million subscribers and some 60,000 titles now. The company, which went public in 2002, recorded $682 million in revenues in 2005.
But that is in the US where internet penetration is high, and DVD-ownership is high. India is likely to be a different kettle of fish. claims it has signed up 3,000 subs in the first month after it kicked off operations. It has 10,000 titles which it plans to swell to 25,000 or so. It plans to have DVDs in regional languages and plans to move into other cities, besides metros. But it remains to be seen how it will generate huge revenues like $100 million-plus