VDC Mobile TV review: Brighthand


Vdc_pda_1 There appears to be a growing mobile television trend; add VDC Mobile Television to the list. Brighthand provides an informative review of the service that allows you to view Internet television channels on any web-connected device; VDC isn’t limited to handhelds. If you want to preview the service for free, there are a few channels available at no charge. Just point your browser at VDC’s site and pick your station.

VDC Mobile Television looks and sounds reminiscent of Orb; the main differences are:

  • VDC costs $11.95 a month; Orb is free.
  • With a TV tuner card installed, you can watch local broadcast television with Orb, not so on VDC.
  • Orb detects your network speed and optimizes for it; with VDC, you manually select one of four available bitrate options.

I did watch a little NASA TV on my Windows Mobile 5 device this morning using VDC. Like other streaming apps, it uses Windows Media Player, and works just as well as any other service I’ve used.

I have to question a paid monthly service like VDC when Orb is free and SlingMedia has their Mobile software at a one time fee of $29.99 (plus a $200 SlingBox). The channel selection isn’t that different between VDC and Orb, so I’d personally be hard-pressed to subscribe, but it’s clearly a personal choice.


One other odd bit: one of the free preview channels is an HD Demo channel. The entire point of that channel is presumably to showcase high-definition content, which requires a minimum resolution of 720 horizontal lines of resolution; you should find that on most monitors and notebooks these days, but on a mobile device? Not gonna happen. ;)



John from Norway

Just been to the site and it’s another USA only service.

Dave Zatz

The benefit (for some of our less geeky associates) is that it doesn’t require owning or hosting anything like an Orb or Slingbox solution. Seems like if someone is going down this path though, they’d be more likely to sign with larger, established player like MobiTV or just watch video clips on sites like CNN.

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