TimeTTracker gets Windows Mobile 5 support!


As an independent consultant one of the most important pieces of software I own is my time billing software.  A good time billing program is essential to account for all time worked on a project, especially if you have multiple clients and projects.  I have been using TimeTTracker MX from R & F Consulting for several years and what makes the program so useful is that it comes with both desktop and Windows Mobile components so you can track time from a Pocket PC as well as a laptop or Tablet PC.  Unfortunately when I picked up the Palm Treo 700w early this year I lost the TimeTTracker functionality because the program did not support Windows Mobile 5.  Notice I indicated past tense.  About a week ago I heard from the TimeTTracker folks who informed me that they had a beta version that supports Windows Mobile 5, including square screens like the Treo.  I immediately picked it up and it has worked flawlessly for the past week and I am thrilled to be able to make time entries on the Treo and sync them back to the desktop.  This new version is a complete rewrite as they switched from an Access database structure to SQL.  Not everyone needs a time billing program but for those who do I can’t recommend TimeTTracker MX2 highly enough.  For a detailed review of TimeTTracker, check out my article in Pocket PC & Smartphones Magazine where I compared the major time billing programs for the Windows Mobile platform.

TimeTTracker desktop
TimeTTracker PPC


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