Tiger Experiences Shrinkage



As predicted by a number of rumor sites, the retail packaging of OS X 10.4 Tiger has been shrunk to conform with the size of the iLife ’06 boxes. Its a sad statement about the Mac rumor mill when we are reporting boxes getting smaller, eh? In any case, the new boxes take up less shelf space, are more efficient, and friendlier to the environment. Image and story via ifoAppleStore



Repackaging may actually increase product visibility while lowering costs.

Without a huge box to worry about, Apple can shave a few pennies (per unit) in production — and a few more by virtue of an increased product density (i.e., more goods in smaller spaces). Additionally, the ease of moving inventory, from warehouse to retail, will probably be a cost-cutter as well.

So as far as end-to-end solutions go, this move makes cents. ;)


yeah, and don’t be so rushed with TYping THe TItle ;-)

…there is some psychological effect going on here… for some reason, the small box makes me think these software packages aren’t as “valuable” as their big-boxed counterparts. I know… it’s dumb.

Matt J

Speeking of skrinkage… this image has been HTML resized. Yuk!

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