New UMPC appears to be same ol’ thing


Itslabelorigami239 Although I really like the UMPC concept and it’s very early in it the form-factor life-cycle (OK, it’s REALLY early), it’s a little disappointing to see a lack of innovation. Looks like there’s a "new" UMPC model available called the It’s Label in France. Only thing is: this "new" model pretty much looks like the "old" models in the form of the TabletKiosk eo V7110, the Paceblade Easybook P7, and the Peanut Butter & Jelly PBJ SmartCaddie. Perhaps I’m being too hard on the OEMs since none of these models actually exist in the wild just yet, but c’mon gang, let’s be a little more original!



Dave Jansen

Sorry for saying this, but the whole UMPC concept is far from new… Just wait a bit for Apple to release their tablet, I’m sure that’ll boost the creativity for the rest of the guys.


The main thing to remember here is that the VIA based design that Amtek built is the only “alternative” design that is “currently available” in the ODM community. ASUStek, Samsung and Founder all have their own designs, but since no “major” OEM picked up the Amtek design all the little guys get a chance to resell it. The difficulty here is that not too many ODMs are going to create a new design for an UMPC without having an OEM already lined up given the costs; however the design that Amtek is selling was funded elsewhere so the costs were already taken care of.

Kevin C. Tofel

Thanks guys. I know that all of these models are from AMTek; I didn’t make my point very well as I re-read the post. As the buzz from the initial UMPC noise is dying down a little, it appears that some companies are trying to keep the noise level up with “new” UMPC announcements until we get some devices in our hot little hands. I should say your hands Frank, since you ordered the eo and I didn’t! ;) I guess my overall point is: I’d like to see some truly different offerings but I completely realize that the UMPC-market is brand-spankin’ new and my expectations are too high at this point.

Anton P. Nym

The eo, Easybook, SmartCaddie, and It’s Label all look the same because they ARE all the same; they’re all from AMTek, though I don’t know the specific arrangement with the OEMs.

ASUS, Founder, and Samsung do have different designs to them.

— Steve


Well, to be quite honest, I don’t really see the hype behind the UMPC now, when actually the Sony U (which still has better specs than all the prospective UMPCs now showing up) has been around for over 2 years. True, these UMPCs are cheaper, but the U is still far a better concept. Too bad it was not continued by Sony.

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