Introducing the Nintendo Wii


That’s pronounced "wee".  Unbelievable what marketing types will come up with.  The codename was "Revolution" as in welcome to the Nintendo Revolution but officially it will be the Wii.  As in Wii little gaming console.




Frankly, I would prefer it to some other strange acronym moniker. Not related but, I would really like Origami instead of UMPC … what next? UMPC Pro, UMPC MCE, UMPC XYZ … :p :P

So, let’s wii our way around … ;)

ok, ok, Revolution is better than wii … and wii is better than some UMPC crap. :p

Tablet PC User

People complained about Longhorn -> Vista, and Origami -> UMPC. But “WE” is the DUMBEST name they could have used. As one guy said on another site, if I have two of these new nintendos, do I say I’m going home to play with my “wii-wii”?


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