Blu-Ray prototype stores 200 GB


Blu_ray_50_2 There’s so much hype in the HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray wars these days, but it largely appears focused on the video content. Consider for a second that your standard DVD holds slightly less than 5 GB. Now consider a prototype by TDK with 200 GB of storage capacity on a single Blu-Ray disc. Sure, the focus is on high-definition video simply because it requires tons of storage space depending the compression mechanism. What about for standard everyday data, however? Could you imagine carrying a single optical disc everywhere you go for backup & restore purposes, archived e-mail and more?

We’re not talking about spending hundreds of dollars for this media either. Blank HD-DVD or Blu-Ray discs will surely be higher priced than DVD media, but that price will fall as the adoption rate rises. It will happen; perhaps not in a 200 GB capacity out of the gate, but standard HD-DVDs can store 15 GB per layer, while Blu-Ray holds 25 GB per standard layer. That’s enough room for me; how about you?


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