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Supporters Choose Sides In US Mobile TV War

Qualcomm and the Mobile DTV Alliance are both trumpeting companies which are signing up to support their standards…although some companies are choosing to support both, of course.
EETimes is focusing on MediaFLO, saying “Rohde & Schwartz showed prototypes of a broadcast test system for MediaFLO, while Harris Corp. pledged support both for MediaFLO networks and nets based on Europe’s DVB-Handheld standard.” There’s also some comments trying to cool down nationalistic tendancies. “All we are hoping for is that decisions on spectrum will be made for technical reasons, not for nationalist or emotional reasons,” said Rob Chandhok, vice president of engineering and market development for MediaFLO at Qualcomm. “Some DVB-H advocates are treating the issue as a Europe-invented DVB-H vs. a U.S. MediaFLO, but the first two FLO transmitters were developed in Europe. MediaFLO uses turbo coding, which is based on France Telecom patents, the last time I checked! We certainly don’t need royal decrees that a nation must use DVB-H, as we saw recently in Spain.”
Meanwhile, SymbianOne is reporting that Sony Ericsson is joining the Mobile DTV Alliance…”History shows that global standards are critical to the success of the mobile industry, and we strongly believe this will also be the case for broadcast mobile TV. We are very excited to join with other industry leaders in the Mobile DTV Alliance in an effort to increase alignment of North American DVB-H technology with the global DVB-H standard and ecosystem,” said Scott Bloebaum, Deputy CTO, Sony Ericsson.” (We were given a heads-up on this by Tea Vui Huang)