SlingPlayer mobile released from beta


Slingmobiletreo_3 SlingPlayer Mobile for your favorite Windows Mobile device is out of public beta and now available for $29.99 according to Dave Zatz. The latest version of the software works on Windows Mobile 5 and 2003 (second edition) devices; better yet is a "coming soon" version for WinMobile Smartphones.

With the SlingPlayer Mobile software, you can view and control your SlingBox-connected home television over any Internet connection. Last we checked the SlingBox pricing dropped to just under $200; if you purchased a SlingBox prior to yesterday, SlingPlayer Mobile is free. For a great video review of the SlingPlayer Mobile beta, check Dave Ciccone’s hands on experience over at Mobility Today. As much as I love Orb, I was very impressed with the mobile software in the video.

– kct

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