Samsung expects to sell 400,000 Origamis the first year


Samsun_g1You read that right.  Samsung will start shipping the Q1 UMPC/ Origami in a week or two and have stated they expect to sell 400,000 of the little Tablet PCs in the first year.  It seems to me the only way they can do that is to start selling their UMPC in the retail channel shortly after release.  That would be phenomenal for a first generation PC like the Q1.  Samsung stated they expect to sell 100,000 units in South Korea and 300,000 units in other countries the first 12 months. 

(via Network World)



Steven Snell

If they make the Q1 a heap cheaper, I’ll be one of the 400,000 buyers.


Wow, that’s a lofty goal.

I hope they make it, but doubt they’ll get there.

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