PocketBible 3 adds many new features

Laridian has just released PocketBible 3 with a ton of new features:

  • Context-sensitive “tap-and-hold” menus for access to common functions such as changing books, searching, looking up definitions, copying or highlighting Bible text, adding a note or bookmark, etc.
  • Continuous synchronization, resulting in Bibles and books organized by verse staying synchronized as users navigate through the Bible
  • Continuous text, eliminating page and chapter breaks in the middle of chapters or books
  • Gesture-based navigation, enabling users to tap the screen to scroll through the text
  • Categorized book picker—books are now divided into Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, etc.
  • Daily reading option, allowing users to track their reading progress through Bibles and devotionals
  • New verse chooser which enables users to easily choose a book, chapter or verse from a list
  • Windows Mobile 5 soft key support

PocketBible 3 is priced at $10 with a $7 upgrade for existing users.  Laridian has many different Bibles and reference books available to augment the PocketBible experience. 



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