MacBook Pro now available in 20 colors


Colormod company ColorWare is now offering the MacBook Pro in 20 different delicious colors from lime green to hot pink and everything in between.

Right now it seems they only have the 15″ MacBooks available.

I’m not sure what I think about this. I usually find this sort of thing annoying, if anything. I was always turned off by this sort of thing. But to each their own.



its genius. i have 3 macs and ive been waiting for a colored one to come out. im buying it. its cool to stand out from kids at school, and i personally think its worth it for sure.


There has to be competitors to ColorWare… Right? I mean, this is amazing idea and people will pay so really all you have to do is charge 20 to 30% less which should drive ColorWare’s prices down or just use the cheaper of the two companies. $600 to color my macbook pro is ridiculous!


Excactly i hope there’s a maroon one….i like maroon. if not they should get one! maroon is an awesome color. anyway i agree with chris….

Christopher Nguyen

I love my blue one, it may be expensive, but why not spend a little more to personalize it to fit you. Macs are built strong so its not like your gonna have it for a little while, you use it for everything, so it should be an extension of who you are.


AWESOME what a fun and happy idea. no more blah colors. i’m getting pink! muahz!

im not tellin you!

umm……..wierd. y do u like commment on nothing??????


well, like the other guys said, i think its kind of expensie. more peoplewould buy the product if it wasnt sooo expensive. i still thinks its cool though!


What ever floats your boat. But for those of us who are color blind, It couldn’t be a better color.


I sort of kind of agree with Jon up there. Anything Apple touches in my opinion becomes a work of art. However, I do like the way they look in black SO Awesome. They do tack on too much I’d say. I mean the Mac Mini is almost $900 bucks with a new paint job.

From Ka-Ruel

Jonathan Lambert

Am I the only one who doesn’t care whether my macbook pro is fruit colored?

I mean, maybe if I wanted to match a designer room or something, but it seems like Apple products aren’t exactly ugly to begin with.



anyone take a look at the iPods they color also. they tack on an extra $76 just to have that colored. kind of ridicules to me….

Nick Santilli

I’d say, get it colored, and then laser etch it. it would either be way cool, or you’d have to burn it. not sure which.

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