Mac-PSP Synchronization

I have a PSP and I love it, but when using it with my Powerbook to transfer Videos, podcasts, music, pictures, what have you; there just aren’t as many options out there for it as there are for Windows. Now you can always just manually put all the files you want onto the PSP’s memory manually, but what’s the fun in that? While searching for a good application for just this I was inspired to share some of the ones I really liked with you all here.

First and foremost my favorite application – iPSP. iPSP has a interface much like that of Finder’s, but it’s for the PSP; it allows for easy Syncing between your Mac and your PSP for music, video, photos, and more. However, there is a catch… it’s not free. But, I’ve been using it for a while, and it doesn’t beg me to register like many other familiar applications.

iPSP Movie Loader is free; yet it doesn’t offer nearly as many features as iPSP, and it’s purely a video file converter. But it will easily convert your videos to MP4.

iPSP and iPSP Movie Loader are both for Windows and Mac.

PSPware is a fairly new and innovative program for Mac, that enables simple syncing with the PSP. However it is nothing special. It also allows syncing of bookmarks, which is always nice.

Skatter Tech has a nice article about streaming your iTunes playlists to the PSP. Which is very useful when wanting to take your entire iTunes library around the house with you, rather than lugging your iPod or computer; sadly it’s only for Windows.


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