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I have a PSP and I love it, but when using it with my Powerbook to transfer Videos, podcasts, music, pictures, what have you; there just aren’t as many options out there for it as there are for Windows. Now you can always just manually put all the files you want onto the PSP’s memory manually, but what’s the fun in that? While searching for a good application for just this I was inspired to share some of the ones I really liked with you all here.

First and foremost my favorite application – iPSP. iPSP has a interface much like that of Finder’s, but it’s for the PSP; it allows for easy Syncing between your Mac and your PSP for music, video, photos, and more. However, there is a catch… it’s not free. But, I’ve been using it for a while, and it doesn’t beg me to register like many other familiar applications.

iPSP Movie Loader is free; yet it doesn’t offer nearly as many features as iPSP, and it’s purely a video file converter. But it will easily convert your videos to MP4.

iPSP and iPSP Movie Loader are both for Windows and Mac.

PSPware is a fairly new and innovative program for Mac, that enables simple syncing with the PSP. However it is nothing special. It also allows syncing of bookmarks, which is always nice.

Skatter Tech has a nice article about streaming your iTunes playlists to the PSP. Which is very useful when wanting to take your entire iTunes library around the house with you, rather than lugging your iPod or computer; sadly it’s only for Windows.


Unbrick Psp

I have been searching hard for info on this, so thanks for the post, any ideas where I can get more information?


I use doubletwist, after reading about it on a Mac site, and it’s working flawlessly for my PSP. It’s basically an iTunes for the PSP. Syncing movies is a bit on the slow side but it’s because of the transcoding that it performs.

It’s a free download at


Agreed about the poor support for iPSP, it’s crap! I registered and had to wait like a week before I received my number and the guy doesn’t answer the emails.


IPSP crashes if you even breathe on it.
The sad thing is people believe these biased endorsements of crap software that only ever gets bought because people google their way to “information” like this.


Yeah, but even if you do buy iPSP for $25, it crashes half the time you use it to convert videos or do anything. It’s a shitty waste of money.


I’ve got both PSPWare & iPSP both have their faults and neither is ahead.

PSPWare – doesn’t convert to AVC and has to control everything. If you add a file without using PSPWare it will be deleted on the next Sync.

iPSP – Support is rubbish!! I registered this add on Saturday but didn’t receive my Serial number till 8pm on Monday. Sent 3 emails over the weekend and didn’t get a reply to any. Very poor.

To be honest both PSPWare & iPSP should take a look at Pod2Go ( for how Syncing should be done.


Huh? I call BS.

PSPWare is “relatively new”???

Not true. It’s been around about as long as iPSP and is highly rated. In fact, iPSP gets a 2.5 star rating in MacUpdate, while PSPWare gets a 4.5 star rating.

“However it is nothing special. It also allows syncing of bookmarks, which is always nice.”

Given MacUpdate’s ratings, if PSPWare is ‘nothing special’, iPSP must be horrendous.

And the last time I checked, PSPWare has all the functionality iPSP does (except PDF import), and in my opinion does these things much better. And is more Mac-Like. It works, and works well. Furthermore, PSPWare never crashed my Mac, as iPSP did.

Furthermore, PSPWare is also available for Windoze – a fact you also neglect to mention.

I purchased PSPWare, and have not regretted it. And I think it’s a shame that you’d plug what most users regard as an inferior product. (>_


typo: should be Skatter Tech instead of Scatter Tech.
goes to

also there is also macintosh support if you click on the link at the bottom of the link. i tested it out but i wasn’t able to get it to work, but then again i only spent 5 mins on it.

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