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Advice Galore for Newspaper, Magazine Folks; Dean’s Paranoia

The amount of advice for the newspaper and magazine folks is increasing in exponential propotion to their declining circs…
Newspapers: From the ANSE conference: AP story: “There is no bigger problem today than the fact that we’re not getting paid for online news,” said William Dean Singleton, CEO of MediaNews Group, which announced a deal this week to add four newspapers to the 40 it already owns. “If we can’t get paid for it, we aren’t going to be able to continue to afford to do it.” He also suggested that newspapers should team up to offer some sort of collective national Internet search engine to compete with Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Either that or land revenue-sharing partnerships with the online search leaders.
Magazines: The Magazines 24/7 conference was on yesterday and couple of strories from AdAge and Folio…AdAge: Todd Anderman, president, Dennis Digital, said over 1 million wallpaper images from Maxim were downloaded through Sprint alone last year. Folio 1 and Folio 2