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ActiveWords for Windows Mobile?

Buzz Bruggeman has hinted about a possible Windows Mobile version of his great ActiveWords program.  Buzz says that ActiveWords might team up with Omega One to build a version for Windows Mobile Smartphones.  This is the first I’ve heard of this possibility but I would point out that limiting a version of ActiveWords to the Smartphone might not provide the most utility to the end-user.  Smartphones have no touchscreen nor stylus while the Windows Mobile Phone Edition does.  ActiveWords would be simply marvelous on Phone Edition devices.  I can imagine using ActiveWords with a stylus just like using the InkPad on Tablet PCs.  Youwza!

(via Mauricio Freitas)


4 Responses to “ActiveWords for Windows Mobile?”

  1. As I tell people, if markets are conversations per my friend Doc Searls in the ClueTrain, then products are conversations too!

    When I use the term “smartphone” I am using it very generically and would think that this would include WinMobile devices, Pocket PC’s, Treos and Blackberrys.

    I keep reading these stats that say 200 million smart phones will ship in 2006. I have no idea where these numbers come from, but clearly it is a huge market. Our long term goal has always been to acomplish the vision that we have state on our site, i.e. so that all of your devices work the same, i.e. the way you told them to work.

    We are looking for the right development partner, so if anyone knows folks working in this space, send them my way.


  2. I really hope to see ActiveWords for the standard Pocket PC in addition to smartphones, etc.

    I would love to be able to run it on my Axim; mhaving said this I’m loving the built in macros on this Stowaway keyboard.